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By: Johnson Production Group

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Video Description: Johnson Production Group upload this video on here some information about video - Starring: Lisa Sheridan, Haylie Duff, C. Thomas Howell & Jason Brooks When Nicole (Lisa Sheridan- ‘Invasion’, ‘Healing Hands’) finds herself and her soon to be adopted young daughter, Abigail, at the mercy of two desperate, armed men, she does not hesitate to act when she gets the chance. As Will, her captor, turns away, momentarily distracted by his partner Ray (C. Thomas Howell- ‘E.T.,’ ‘The Outsiders’), Nicole grabs a gun out of their home safe and shoots Will in the back. She then turns her gun on Ray and threatens to shoot him too if he does not immediately leave their home, which he does. Waiting in the car is Will’s girlfriend, Jade (Haylie Duff- ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ ‘7th Heaven’), who is devastated when she learns of her lover’s death. Stalking Nicole to better plan her revenge, Jade first earns Nicole’s trust by joining her victims of violence support group and then decides to attack Nicole’s livelihood. Stopping by the new restaurant Nicole is opening, Jade joins Abby, Nicole, and her boyfriend Eric (Jason Brooks- ‘Star Trek’, ‘Baywatch’) for dinner and manages to contaminate the food causing over a dozen cases of food poisoning that close down Nicole’s restaurant. Three nights later, the restaurant burns down, with Nicole targeted as the number one suspect for arson. Nothing is off limits for Jade... - some time information was not available for video Home Invasion - Full Movie